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Prostate Problems

Consultant Urologist and Andrologist, Mr Rowland Rees answers these questions: What Are the Most Common Prostate Problems? What are the causes of Prostate Problems? Tell me about some of the sign and symptoms for some of the various Prostate Problems- who is at risk? What treatments options are available for Prostate Problems- is it always… Read more »


Consultant Urologist and Andrologist, Mr Rowland Rees answers these questions: What is a vasectomy and how does it work? Tell me about the procedure and what a man can expect to happen? 3. What are the risks or complications of surgery? What should/shouldnt patients do in order to recover as quickly as possible from surgery?… Read more »

Clinical Review – Subfertility in men

Contributed by Mr Rowland Rees, consultant urological surgeon, Royal Hampshire County Hospital, Winchester. Section 1: Epidemiology and aetiology Subfertility is defined as failure of conception after 12 months of regular unprotected intercourse. Fertility problems affect approximately one in six couples trying to conceive, and a male factor is implicated in around half of these couples…. Read more »

A new face helping the childless

A NEW consultant has joined a team of fertility experts in Southampton dedicated to helping childless couples. Consultant urologist Rowland Rees, pictured has a special interest in the investigation and management of male subfertility. He joins the Complete Fertility Centre, based at the Princess Anne Hospital, to provide a specialist clinic for couples where there is a… Read more »

Doctor accuses NHS of sexism for refusing men penis surgery

A leading doctor has accused the NHS of “medical sexism” for refusing men life-changing surgery for a condition that is thought to affect one in 100 men. But only 400 men a year are being given a simple £4,500 treatment for Peyronie’s Disease (bent penis) on the NHS while women are routinely offered comparable treatments, professionals say. A… Read more »

Why are men being denied surgery to revive their love lives?

After a decade of worsening impotence problems, David Lawrence finally decided to seek medical help. ‘I’d tried herbal products and then Viagra, but nothing was really working,’ he says. ‘Sexual intercourse with my wife was difficult, and I was also having trouble going to the loo.’ The 47-year-old engineer said he first went to his… Read more »

Women who suffer needless IVF because clinics ignore men’s fertility

When Mark Griffiths and his girlfriend Jeanette Parker still hadn’t conceived after a year of trying, they went to their GP. He referred them to a gynaecologist and, after a series of scans and tests, it was suggested that Jeanette, 38, might have a blocked fallopian tube. She underwent four minor procedures which cleared the… Read more »

Surgeon halves kidney stone treatment with new technique

A Southampton surgeon is halving the amount of treatment patients require to remove kidney stones. Bhaskar Somani, a consultant urological surgeon at Southampton General Hospital, is pioneering the use of a technique to clear both organs in the same procedure, known as bilateral simultaneous ureteroscopy. It involves using a combination of a viewing instrument, known… Read more »