Kidney expert’s dehydration warning

  • bhaskar somani

A surgeon from Southampton has stressed the dangers of dehydration as it has lead to thousands of cases of kidney stones.

A leading surgeon from Southampton has warned that people inthe UK are “in denial” about the consequences of not drinking enough.

Mr Bhaskar Somani, a surgeon at Southampton General Hospital, said the lack of awareness about dehydration led to an increase in kidney stones.

The condition develops when salt crystals gather into stone-like lumps and can’t flush out of the body because of the lack of water.

The surgeon said all adults should try to drink two or three litres of water a day and former stone patients should drink at least three litres to avoid a recurrence.

Mr Somani said: “What we are seeing in Southampton is broadly reflective of the national picture and the only way to drive this down is to drive home the message that healthy lifestyle, diet and fluid intake is the best way to prevent development and recurrence of stones.”