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South Coast Urology Support Winchester Round Table

South Coast Urology were proud to support the great work of Winchester Round Table in raising funds for local causes through the spectacular bonfire and firework display. The event was really well organised by a surprisingly small team of volunteers with a magical procession topped off by a stunning firework display and huge bonfire. Thank… Read more »

PROMIS trial

Is Multi-parametric MRI the new screening tool for prostate cancer? PROMIS trial opens at Spire. The national trial to establish the true accuracy of prostate MRI has been opened at University Hospital Southampton. “This study will likely lead us towards a reduction in unnecessary biopsies” says Principal Investigator Tim Dudderidge. Study patients Are tested at… Read more »

CIRSE presentation

Harris and Hacking do battle over optimal BPH treatments at CIRSE 2014 Mark Harris was honoured to be invited to present his views on BPH management at Europe’s biggest radiology meeting (CIRSE) in Glasgow recently, with 6500 delegates attending. In a lively but good humoured debate, the merits of TURP versus PAE were explored with… Read more »

EUREP teaching

Mr Somani – Selected tutor for Ureteroscopy (minimally invasive laser stone treatment) in EUREP and BAUS He is the ‘Hands on tutor (HOT)’ for ureteroscopy (URS) in the European Urology Residents Education Programme (EUREP) one of the European School of Urology (ESU) flagship teaching programme for 300 final year European urology residents. He is one… Read more »

How a diving chamber heals damage left by prostate cancer treatment

When Andrew Delf was told treatment for his prostate cancer had been successful, he felt an overwhelming sense of relief. The 47-year-old hospital porter had been diagnosed with the disease in 2010 and had undergone radiotherapy to treat an aggressive tumour. However, six months after the radiotherapy he had heavy rectal bleeding. His cancer specialist… Read more »

Southampton General Hospital staff knit moustaches for charity

IF YOU thought Movember was only for men – think again. Not wanting to be outdone by their male colleagues who are growing facial hair for Movember, the female members of Southampton General Hospital’s urology team have got in on the action with their very own knitted moustaches. Tracey Clements, a cancer meeting co-ordinator, got her mother… Read more »

New cancer treatment available for first time

IT is a revolutionary treatment that up until now had only been available to private patients in Southampton. But today, for the first time, NHS patients in the city will be treated with an innovative therapy that can transform the life of those fighting prostate cancer and avoid the need for invasive surgery. From targeting only… Read more »

Breakthrough for prostate cancer sufferers

IT’S a revolutionary new treatment for Southampton than can transform the life of those fighting prostate cancer. For the first time in the city, doctors have successfully treated a patient with an innovative therapy that avoids the need for invasive surgery. From targeting only cancerous cells in the prostate gland, to offering men a much quicker recovery… Read more »

ME AND MY OPERATION: Plagued by kidney stones? Now they can be smashed to bits in one go with a two-in-one op

Kidney stones can cause severe pain and infections. When they occur in both kidneys, they are usually treated in separate operations, weeks apart. Lorna Brown, 58, a senior A&E sister from Southampton, had a new procedure, as she tells DIANA PILKINGTON. THE PATIENT Kidney stones have been a pain for years, causing such bad infections… Read more »